Jean-Marc Liotier’s old addresses
Sunday October 15th 2006, 12:36 pm
Filed under: English,History by Jean-Marc Liotier

I have been reachable by email for more than twelve years. My address is now the reliable and I can only encourage others to own their domain so that they can count on a stable online identity. But before that there have been a few rather rough beginnings with various accounts all over the place. Among them, the curious will find and

In 2001 a sad mistake while moving my mailbox caused the loss of all past correspondence. That definitely taught me to backup in a manner quite unforgettable – as the saying goes : “There are two types of persons. Those that have already experienced a data loss and those that will”. But because of that a few years of my history is now lost for all but those who may still have the odd message in their mailboxes. It may seem futile but I really love occasionnaly digging up old stuff for nostalgia’s sake…